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Ofsted Complaint Letter

The academy has lodged a formal complaint with OFSTED regarding our recent inspection.  A letter has been emailed out to parents on 17/01/2020 regarding this and the amended inspection report:

Ofsted Complaint-Letter to Parents 17 January 2020

Caistor Yarborough Academy Amended OFSTED Report January 2020

CAISTOR YARBOROUGH ACADEMY OFSTED INSPECTIONAs you will be aware, the academy was inspected by OFSTED on the 19th and 20th November under the new 2019 inspection framework and attached is a copy of their report, which is also available on the school website.  The inspection went very well and there were many positive aspects of our academy highlighted and praised as part of our ongoing journey for excellence for all.  The academy was described by our students as one big family which is a huge accolade and for me, the greatest testament to our culture and ethos across the academy.

Within the findings from the inspection it highlights the sustained improvements in behaviour and attitudes to learning.  The relationships between staff and students are described as a strength.  Staff and students continue to work together well to achieve their best in everything they do.  This was evident in the significantly improved 2019 GCSE results where the academy students secured national expectations and the academy was ranked in the top third of all secondary schools and academies across Lincolnshire.

During the inspection we did have some significant issues in terms of no electricity in the academy on day one, which did not allow the inspection team to see us in our true typicality.  Therefore, we have requested a further evidence gathering inspection to ensure the inspection process is complete and accurate, but most of all, is a realistic view and judgement of our learning community as a Good academy which we have been described as by the Local Authority and additional external bodies.

As an academy we strive to ensure all of our students receive the best education and excellence for all but most of all are successful in making the next steps to their education, training or employment.  We will continue to work with all of our learning community, parents and carers as the academy continues to go from strength to strength.

May I take this opportunity once again to thank you all for your continued support.

Together we are a great team!

With best wishes and thanks,

Mr M J Midgley

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