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Mathematics Intervention Trip in partnership with Walker Riverside Academy

​Last Friday, eight Year 11 students, Miss Raddish, Mr McNulty and Mrs Guest went to a rural village in Cumbria to stay in a hostel for the weekend. The hostel was an excellent multi-use activity centre, with great facilities. After a good nights sleep, followed by breakfast the group started their mathematics revision, working through a plethora of resources and cups of tea! After 3 hours of working though exam papers, asking questions, discussion and exam technique, they packed away the math’s books and donned the waterproofs and walking boots. The group in need of a break headed off to GO Ape at Grizedale!
Before starting the session the group tucked into Mr McNulty’s lovely pack- ups. After the health & safety briefing, the students were strapped into harnesses to begin their daring ascent! They looked up in trepidation…and then went on to absolutely smash the whole course, faces beaming as they swung through the trees on a giant obstacle course in the tree tops…..they really did Go Ape!!! The students were thrilled and got an opportunity to do it all again, the only problem was getting Mr McNulty off the zip wire!!! Every student gained their certificate, with several students conquering any fears they ever had.
Back at the hostel, after a late tea, hot chocolate and cake, the staff spent an hour going through some personalised mathematical problems, so as to reassure the students . Then battle commenced for an epic Pirate Game, hosted by Mrs Guest. Probably… the most exciting maths game on the planet! Tired, weary, exhausted everyone went to bed.
A not so early start to Sunday morning saw the students breakfasted, filled with cereal, toast and the remainder of the cake ( urgh!!! not in the morning girls!!). It was time to clean the centre from top to bottom. All students did their fair share of house work, leaving Hutton Roof by mid morning, for the journey home, armed with maths puzzles and games to play in the minibus on the way home.
The staff commented that the students were an absolute pleasure, with their behaviour, manners and politeness shining through. They were willing to help and support each other, and they all demonstrated a positive mindset towards the maths revision. The group would like to thank – Mr Midgely, Mr Collier and #WalkerRiversideAcademy, Newcastle for making this maths intervention possible for our students!

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