Welcome to Caistor Yarborough Academy

Contact Details

Caistor Yarborough Academy,

Grimsby Road,




Telephone: 01472 851383​

Email: enquiries@cyac.org.uk

Website: www.caistoryarboroughacademy.co.uk


Headteacher:               Mr Mark Midgley – Mark.Midgley@cyac.org.uk

Office Manager:          Mrs Nina Noble – Nina.Noble@cyac.org.uk

Chair of Governors’:   Mr Mark Rushby – Bridie.Rippin@cyac.org.uk

Clerk to Governors’:   John Williamson – john.williamson@nelincs.gov.uk

                                        Governor Support Officer

                                        Civic Offices

                                        North East Lincolnshire Council

                                        Tel:01472 323134  

SENCo:                          Mrs Amy Spalding – SENCo@cyac.org.uk

Designated Safeguarding Lead

DSL:                               Mrs Becky Edlin – Becky.Edlin@cyac.org.uk

Deputy DSL:                 Mrs Jo Biglands – Jo.Biglands@cyac.org.uk

                                        Mr Simon Chadwick – Simon.Chadwick@cyac.org.uk



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