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Caistor Yarborough Academy GCSE Results 2020

Caistor Yarborough Academy GCSE Results 2020



We are extremely pleased to be able to celebrate the fantastic achievements and results with our 2020 GCSE students. After everything that the students have been through, especially most recently, it is important to celebrate these results, which are a reflection of their resilience, efforts and achievements throughout their time at Caistor Yarborough Academy.

We are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and successes. We take immense pride in the fact that, through the student’s hard work, commitment and dedication, their efforts have been formally recognised and, of course, that they are now equipped to commence the next chapter of their academic or employment journey. Examination results represent a staging post in the student’s lifelong educational journey. We are delighted that the 2020 GCSE results, at Caistor Yarborough Academy, will now enable the students to move confidently and positively into the next phase of their journey.

Our results reflect the continuation of our year on year improvements as part of the academies’ journey. Our centre-assessed grades were based on a range of evidence including moderated mock exams and other internal assessments. They are a true reflection of the grades teachers thought they would achieve if they had sat the exams. A total of 62% achieved the standard pass of grade 4 or better in both English and Maths, and 42% achieved at least a grade 5 pass in both. We have seen an increase in our Maths results this year, which has contributed to a combined increase in our Maths and English percentages.

Furthermore, and perhaps more important than ever in this most unusual and taxing of academic years, we would like to pass on our thanks and congratulations to all of our school staff and governors for their unwavering support of our learners. Also, and equally important, to our parents, carers and wider partners for all that they do everyday to ensure our learners have every opportunity to succeed.

Finally, to our students, you have been amazing and a pleasure to work with.  Congratulations on all that you have achieved, you should be proud of all of your successes. We are, most certainly, immensely proud of you!

Mr Mark Midgley – Headteacher


GCSE Results 2020

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