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Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infectio

COVID-19: guidance for educational settings

Government Advice Coronavirus

COVID-19: specified countries and areas

Absent Student Work


Letter from Heather Sandy, Executive Director of Children’s Services



Guidance for parents and carers about the plans to open educational settings from 1st June


To support the students further, two additional resources have been released in the past week which students may find helpful. They contain a wealth of information which students can browse to find resources and activities to help support their learning, or staff may start to direct students to specific activities.
The resources are:

1) The Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. It can be accessed here: https://www.thenational.academy

2) BBC Bitesize Daily now delivers a tailored day of learning across BBC iPlayer, Red button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds. More details can be found on the BBC Bitesize website:https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons


Academy Update 06/04/2020

Summer 2020 Grading


Open letter for EHCP parents from Vicky Ford MP



Coronavirus Update Letter 27Mar20


For information on Supporting Children with Learning Disability/ASD on Coping with Covid-19 Isolation click HERE


The government has now released a list of key workers which is below. The key principles to this are; if it is at all possible for children to stay at home, they should. Please contact the school office via email (enquires@cyac.org.uk) or telephone by 12 noon today if you are a key worker and absolutely need to send your child to school from Monday. If we do not hear from you, we will be unable to make provisions for your child.

Thank you for your help and continued support with this matter.

Mark Midgley

Key Workers

Closure of Educational settings information for parents and carers

Covid 19 Update letter 20_March_2020

Decision Tree 20_March_2020


Coronavirus Letter 6 – 19Mar20


Dear Parents/Carers,

The latest government announcement yesterday stated:

To provide parents, student and staff with the certainty they need we are announcing that schools, colleges and early years settings will be closed to everyone except children of key workers and vulnerable children from Monday, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus.

Examples of these workers include NHS staff, police and supermarket delivery drivers who need to be able to go to work. Key workers will need to provide us with evidence of their employment. Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans.

I would like to ask you all to let the academy know by 9.30am Friday 20th March (Email: enquiries@cyac.org.uk or Phone 01472 851383) if you fall into these categories and if so, whether you intend to continue to send your child to school in light of the government advice. Please be advised, however, that from Monday we have been informed that the school buses will not be operating.

Further, more detailed information will follow later today, but for now we need to plan how many pupils will be in the academy so we can plan for their care.

Thank you for your continued support

Mark Midgley


Please find guide below on how students are able to access classwork from home.

Student Guide-to Accessing VLE/OneDrive/Email


This letter has been emailed out to parents this afternoon:



This letter has been emailed out to parents this afternoon:



19:45 – 

Over the last 24 hours we have continued to have results back from students that have been tested and can confirm they have all been negative.


13:50 – 



16:20 – 

Good afternoon.

We have attached some further information about the ski trip to Italy showing our route and location. This reinforces that we have not visited any of the lockdown towns in Northern Italy. The area we visited is a category 2 area which means travellers do not need to undertake any special measures unless they develop flu like symptoms. 

A small number of students from the trip have had cold like symptoms and have been tested for the Coronavirus. The results take between 24 hours and 4 days to come back. The latest government guidance for educational settings (posted earlier today) states that no special measures need to be taken by other pupils while waiting for those results. Pupils are therefore fine to attend the academy. A deep clean was carried out last night and this will continue tonight, tomorrow and over the weekend. 

We would therefore encourage pupils who did not take part in the ski trip to attend the academy tomorrow. We will send further guidance in a letter tomorrow about next week, and the pupils who did attend the trip, based on any new guidance that the government release.

Thank you for your continued support.

CYA Ski Trip Route Map Feb 2020

8:50am –

We can confirm that we have had NO confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  Please can you ensure that you only take advice relating to the situation in the Academy through the Academy website, and not from unofficial sources/social media.


13:40pm –

The academy tonight will be deep cleaned by an external cleaning agency.   This is as a precautionary measure and we can confirm as of 26/02/2020 13:30pm we have had no confirmed cases of the coronavirus but some students are being tested as they have shown some mild cold like symptoms. If any tests are positive, we will notify stakeholders straight away.  Not all students are being tested as advice they have being receiving from 111 is they will only do the test if there are symptoms”

10:00am –

The advice regarding travel from Italy was only updated yesterday morning (25/02/2020). On receiving this information, the academy has been working with various agencies and other academies in the area who had also had ski trips to northern Italy. Initially advice this morning was that only people displaying symptoms needed to be sent home and then for parent to ring 111 for advice. Due to the fluid nature this advice has changed during the day which resulted in us deciding that all students and staff who were on the trip need to self-quarantine for 14 days. This is something that has not happened in all other academies but this was the advice we received at 4.00pm (25/02/2020). We are sorry you do not feel as an academy we have kept you informed but we have had to follow the advice we have been given from 111, Public Health, and the local authority. We would be more than happy for you email enquiries@cyac.org.uk where we can then arrange a phone call to discuss your concerns.



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