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Computer Science, ICT and Business​

Students are taught from their first week in the academy how to use a computer to extend their education. They are encouraged across school to use computers and the information and resources available through them to expand their learning; in ICT lessons we set them up with the skills to utilise these resources.

Currently, computer science is taught up until the end of Year 8 at which point the students can opt to continue with to develop their skills and hone them in within the OCR Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise & Marketing into the Key Stage 4 course.

KEY STAGE 3               

At Key Stage 3, students follow the new National Curriculum for computer science. The main aim of the subject is to enable students to become responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. Over the two years, students will cover various elements of ICT including e-safety, word processors, spreadsheets, web design, game design, animation and databases.

Students are marked against the National Curriculum for computer science criteria and our aim is to ensure that they understand how to improve their own attainment by using these skills.


Students who opted to study Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise & Marketing at year 9 and 10, students currently in year 11 Cambridge National in Information Technologies.

The content of these courses vary, but they are based around an examination unit, and coursework projects using the relevant computer software and ‘out of classroom experience’.

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