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Numeracy Ninjas is a Key Stage 3 numeracy intervention designed to fill gaps in students’ basic mental calculation strategies. Numeracy Ninjas is a project driven by the belief that all students can leave school functionally numerate. Once a week in form Periods, Numeracy Ninja is completed, to ensure regular practice of key topics. The areas that need to be targeted are then followed up once a week in Mathematics lessons. We want to ensure students’ perception of maths is positive and one in which they take pride and enjoyment.



Students are given a set of Flashcards to learn the Key formulae needed for the GCSE Mathematics Examination. Once a week in form periods, the students are tested and encouraged to learn these formulae. This then leads onto them being tested and encouraged to apply these formulae. Regular practice in form time helps to ensure that these formulae are always fresh in the students’ memories, allowing for them to access the more difficult questions that require the application of the formulae in the Mathematics lessons.

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