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Caistor Yarborough Academy is celebrating today after again achieving some excellent GCSE results. Many areas have continued to improve, despite the new ‘tougher’ GCSE examinations this summer. Head teacher Mr Mark Midgley said: “We are once more delighted with our students’ GCSE results.

The hard work of the students and the staff has been rewarded with some positive results as the Government embeds the new tougher examinations.”

We are also very proud of the increase in the percentage of our grades at 9-7 (A**to A). There were some impressive results in Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, Sport and Drama. English and Mathematics continue on the journey of improvement with some excellent individual results.

One of our top performing students who achieved 5 or more Grade 7-9 (A**-A) was Jack Newrick and a number of students achieved 5 or more 6-9 (B-A*grades).  A large number of students made good progress in relation to their starting point of secondary education with particular praise to Charlotte Souter-Smith, Harriet Chester and Luke Cowdroy.

May I take this opportunity once again to thank the students, staff, governors and partners of the school for their continued success on our journey at Caistor Yarborough Academy.


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Previ​ous Results​​

25% 5+ A*- C including English and Maths
100% 1+ A*- G
52.17% 5+ A*- C​

55% 5+ A*- C including English and Maths
100% 1+ A*- G
65% 5+ A*- C​

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