Welcome to Caistor Yarborough Academy


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr M Midgley

Deputy Headteacher Quality of Education: Mrs J Biglands

Assistant Headteacher – Quality of Education (Teaching & Learning): Mr S Chadwick

Behaviour & Pastoral Leader: Mrs R Edlin

Head of English and SENCo: Mrs A Spalding

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mrs L Coulson

Associate Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development): Mr B Curtis

Associate Assistant Headteacher (Literacy): Mrs D Hay

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C Marshallsay

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mrs K Tindall

English Faculty

Head of English Language and SENCO: Mrs A Spalding

Teacher of English & Drama: Miss H Bagot

Teacher of English (i/c Literature): Mrs D Hay

Teacher of English (i/c Language): Miss R Moll

Mathematics Faculty

Head of Mathematics: Mrs C Marshallsay

Teacher of Mathematics: Mrs G Gregory

Teacher of Mathematics: Mrs C Guest

Science Faculty

Head of Science: Mrs L Coulson

Teacher of Science: Mrs J Biglands

Teacher of Science: Mr T Brown

Teacher of Science: Dr A Morton

Science Technician: Mrs K Peart


Head of Creativity, Teacher of PE & Science: Mr S Chadwick

Head of PE and Teacher of Science: Mr M Starling

Teacher of Drama & English: Miss H Bagot

Teacher of Technology & Art: Miss D Chester

Teacher of ICT & Business Studies: Mrs K Tindall

Teacher of Art: Mr S Wright

Trainee Teacher of PE: Mrs A Chadwick


Head of Humanities, Teacher of Geography: Mr B Curtis

Trainee Teacher of History: Miss M Guest

Teacher of Humanities: Mr O Romer

Teacher of Spanish: Mrs M Betts

Teacher of Spanish: Miss L Snowden


Behaviour & Pastoral Leader: Mrs R Edlin

Year 7 Progress Manager: Mrs K Tindall

Year 8 Progress Manager: Mrs K Brown

Year 9 Progress Manager: Mr D Coulson

Year 10 Progress Manager: Mrs R Edlin

Year 11 Progress Manager/ Careers Lead: Mrs E Lynskey

Attendance Officer/MIS Manager: Mrs H Briggs

Learning Support

SENCo: Mrs A Spalding

Assistant SENCo & Y8 Progress Manager: Mrs K Brown

Learning Support Assistant – Science: Mrs N Colley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Chismall

Learning Support Assistant – Humanities: Mrs L Kelly

Teaching Assistant: Miss N Langridge

Teaching Assistant: Miss K Davis

Teaching Assistant: Miss E Green

Learning Support Assistant – Mathematics: Ms V Raddish

Learning Support Assistant – English: Mrs A Wade

Operations Team

School Business Manager: Mrs C Poprawski

Administrator – HR: Miss G Calaby

Apprentice Clerical Assistant: Miss R Chatterton

Administrator – Finance: Mrs K Pixsley

Administrator – Academy Events: Mrs K Woodhouse

Administrator – SLT & Governor Support: Mrs B Rippin

Marketing Officer: Mrs H Downie

Exams and Data Officer: Mrs N Thompson

ICT Technician: Mr S Jackson

Cover Manager: Mrs N Noble

Premises Manager: Mrs E Hassall

Site Staff: Miss V Chilvers

Site Staff: Miss A Evison

Site Staff: Mrs C Hannath

Site Staff: Mr I Swaby

Site Staff: Mr R Swaby

ICS Cleaning

Cleaning Supervisor: Miss V Chilvers

Cleaner: Mrs D Boryszczuk

Cleaner: Miss A Evison

Cleaner: Mrs L Farrow

Cleaner: Mrs C Hannath

Cleaner: Mr M Ramsey

Cleaner: Ms V Wadsworth

Kingswood Catering

Cook in Charge: Miss L Chilvers

Catering Staff: Ms R Hewitt

Catering Staff: Mrs E McKay

Catering Staff: Ms V Wadsworth

Additional Responsibilities

Educational Visits Coordinator: Mr M Starling

Trainee Careers Advisor: Mrs E Lynskey

Trainee Careers Lead: Mr B Curtis

Latest News

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