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Trustees Information and Duties

Academy Trust:

Registered Office Address:

Caistor Yarborough Academy Limited

Grimsby Road


Market Rasen



Company number: 07680513

Registered in England & Wales

Governing Body

Caistor Yarborough Academy’s governing body is made up of parents, staff and community representatives. They meet regularly to discuss key aspects of Academy business, and their role is to support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team in their aim to provide the best possible educational experience and widest opportunities for our students.​

Governors are always keen to receive feedback, ideas or suggestions from interested parties. There are several ways you can do this: by email to governors@cyac.org.uk; through the Clerk to Governors on 01472 851383; or by having a chat with governors at Academy events such as Open Evenings, Parents’ Evenings etc.

We actively encourage members of our community to be involved with the Academy, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with governors – they’d be delighted to hear from you.​

Membership and Structure

Governors are appointed in accordance with the Academy’s Articles of Association  Web Articles of Association – June 2011

There are a number of sub-committees which also meet throughout the year. They discuss and monitor in greater detail specific areas of Academy business, and then feedback to the Full Governing Body (FGB). They each have different membership, and a different Chairperson. The two separate sub-committees are:

  • Finance (FSC)
  • Quality of Education and Behaviour (QEB)


Name/RoleCommittee MembershipSIP/SubjectDepartmentAppointed byTerm of OfficeBusiness and Pecuniary InterestsResignation Date
Mr Mark Rushby (Chair of FGB and QEB) Co-optedFSG, QEB, FGBMaths, LeadershipGoverning Body19/12/2020 - 18/12/2024NoneN/A
Mr Peter Kennedy (Vice Chair) Co-optedFSG, QEB, FGBOptions, Post-16, Destination RoutesCreativity OptionsGoverning Body13/03/2019 - 14/03/2023NoneN/A
Katie Milner (Vice Chair) CommunityFSG, QEB, FGBPersonal DevelopmentScienceGoverning Body01/07/2019-30/06/2023NoneN/A
Mr Mark Midgley (Accounting Officer) HeadteacherFSG, QEB, FGBPrincipalEx-officioNone N/A
Mr Steve Penney
FSG, FGBBehaviourOperationsGoverning Body30/04/2018-29/04/2022NoneN/A
Mr Trevor Wray
(Chair of FSG)
FSGLeadershipOperationsMember Appointed23/01/2020-24/01/2024NoneN/A
Mrs Samantha Johnson
QEBScienceSEN/LACGoverning Body2/11/2018-01/11/2022NoneN/A
Ms Sarah Cairns
QEBEnglish, SafeguardingSafeguardingGoverning Body24/03/2020-23/03/2024NoneN/A
Mrs Helen Redmond Co-optedQEBQEB, Behaviour, ScienceScienceGoverning Body06/10/2020-05/10/2024NoneN/A
Mr Chris Elmes
FSGHumanities, OperationsHumanitiesGoverning Body06/10/2020-05/10/2024NoneN/A
Mrs Becky Edlin
FGBWellbeing, Single Central RecordStaff10/02/2021-09/02/2025NoneN/A
Mrs Dawn Berry
QEDGoverning Body14/11/2016-13/11/2020NoneResigned 28/08/2020
Mr Ashley Ottewell
FGB, FSGMember appointed30/04/2018-29/04/2022Resigned 23/07/2020
Mrs Zoe Hyams
QEDGoverning Body20/03/2017-19/03/2021Head of Caistor and Grasby PrimariesResigned 29/09/2020

Attendance 2019/2020

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