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The safeguarding of all members of the Caistor Yarborough Community, and promoting the welfare of children, is always at the heart of all we do.

We have a Safeguarding Team made up of the following members of staff:

Mrs Becky Edlin – Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assistant Headteacher Wellbeing, Behaviour and Safety


Mrs Karen Brown – Year 7 Progress Manager

If you have any safeguarding concern, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Becky Edlin or, if she is not available, another member of the safeguarding team.

Please note that for concerns around Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) you must go straight to the police.

If it is a concern about a member of staff, please speak to the Principal Mr Mark Midgley.

If you have a concern about the Principal, you must contact the Chair of Governors Mr Mark Rushby. You can do this by contacting Mrs Bridie Rippin by phone Tel:01472 855904 or by email Bridie.Rippin@cyac.org.uk

We have also introduced a further level of security when you contact school with a message for your child. Once you give us the message, we reserve the right to call you back using a phone number from the Academy database in order to verify your identity. If we are unable to make contact, we will not pass on the message and your child will be supervised at school until we do hear from you. This reinforces the need for you to keep all contact details up to date. This can be done through MyChildatSchool (MCAS).

At present we permit students to bring mobile phones to school as long as they are turned off. We feel that for some students, a mobile phone ensures a greater safety on the journey to and from school. However, it is vital that mobile phones are switched off and safely in a bag. Data watches too should be disconnected from the phone. Therefore we ask that you do not contact your child by their mobile phone during the school day as they will not be able to access the message. Please ring the Academy with any message as previously stated. Likewise, your child should not contact you by mobile phone during school hours. We have pastoral staff available all day to support and the ARC (Assisted Re-Integration Centre) is always open and supervised in case of distress

Understanding the online ‘world’ and keeping your child safe.

​At Caistor Yarborough Academy we want to make sure our students are safe and secure at school, at home and in the community. The importance of online safety and how to stay safe is addressed in lesson time however students often have access to the online world outside school. To help you keep your child safe the links below include valuable guidance and support for parents/carers and what to do if you have concerns.​

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