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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITIES (SEND)

We have a Special Educational Needs Team, headed by Mrs Amy Spalding (SENCo), Mrs Anita Wade (Deputy SENCo) and Mrs Karen Brown (Assistant SENCo). 

Our Governor with responsibility for SEND is Mr Mark Rushby.

Full details of our SEN provision is given in these documents:

Our SEN Policy and SEND Information report can be found HERE

Lincolnshire Local Offer

At Caistor Yarborough Academy, we have a positive and warm eth​os.  We believe very strongly that every child is an individual and should be fully included in the Academy community in a climate of learning.​

We are able to provide a wide range of intervention packages to support SEND and have very experienced and committed staff in our Learning Support Department and Pastoral Team.  In addition, the Academy uses a range of outside agencies to support students with complex needs, following consultation with parents.

Students enjoy coming to school and our attendance is above the national average including SEND students.  We are committed to narrowing the attainment gap between SEND learners and those without SEND.  Our SEND students generally make as good progress as non-SEND students.  In addition to monitoring progress, behaviour and attendance, we monitor the emotional and mental wellbeing of all students. We are currently enhancing this provision through the training of a member of staff as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and whole staff training through Fortis Therapy.

We encourage close liaison between the Academy and parents in a variety of ways, e.g. Review meetings, Parent Evenings, discussion with Tutors, your child’s planner, MyChildatSchool (a web based information system with your own login).  Students are also involved in these processes and will be asked for their thoughts on their progress and setting targets.  They often develop good relationships with Learning Support Staff.

If your child has Special Educational Needs or a disability and you would like to know more about what we offer at Caistor Yarborough Academy, please telephone us on:  01472 851383 or email us at: enquiries@cyac.org.uk.

For more information on particular aspects of our SEND Offer please click on the links below:​​​​

SEND Support

SENCo Team:

Mrs Spalding – SENCo

Mrs Wade – Deputy SENCo

Mrs Brown – Assistant SENCo

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Colley

Mrs Kelly

Ms Raddish

Mrs Wade

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Cartwright

Mrs G Chismall

Miss K Davis

Miss E Green

Miss Langridge

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants:

Mr D Coulson

Ms V Raddish

Assessments are carried out to identify your child’s individual needs before they start at Caistor Yarborough Academy. Individual additional needs will be communicated to staff and where necessary a Student Profile will be created which will highlight to all staff the need, provision and strategies that will support them. Progress is monitored throughout the year and this is discussed with parents and students either by letter, review or at parents’ evenings. Academic progress information across the curriculum is also provided to parents and students three times a year.

Mid year transfers are very similar though very individual according to the needs of each student, and the process begins once contact is made. Students who transfer mid-year will initially be supported in their transition by a member of the Pastoral Team and assessments are carried out. Communication with parents/carers is considered vital in the early stages.

Learning Support is varied and usually delivered through “in class” support and targeted small group support for identified students. In class, Learning Support Assistants check students understanding of tasks, help students identify key points and facilitate students making progress in appropriate and independent ways. They may help with modifying or differentiating work in the classroom, support students with their organisation or act as a scribe where appropriate.

Our Learning Support staff deliver small group (no more than 4) support to develop literacy, numeracy and handwriting skills as well as social communication and emotional support programmes. Lexia, a personalised reading programme for secondary school students, has also been introduced. Students are identified on entry into the Academy and follow the intervention programme and progress is monitored regularly. Pupil Premium is used when appropriate to enhance the progress of SEND students.

Delivery of intervention and support in conjunction with a number of outside agencies such as Educational Psychology, CAMHS, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language programmes are carried out by Learning Support staff.

The Academy SENCo, Mrs Spalding has achieved the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination (NA-SENCO). 

The SENCo will monitor the effectiveness of intervention groups and programmes, complete referrals for agency support, lead review meetings and assess for exam concessions.

Learning Support staff are trained and experienced to work with students with Autism including Asperger’s, ADHD, DCD (Dyspraxia), Tourettes, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), ECLIPS and ELKLAN (specialist speech and language training). Team Teach and training in the administering of oxygen has also been completed by the team and some staff are fully trained in first aid.

Mentoring and pastoral support for students through their role as tutors is also carried out by the Learning Support team.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team are there to support all vulnerable students and also to support students that become vulnerable due to further events. A range of interventions are available to support these students with their social, emotional or behavioural needs, including the ‘Reef’ which is a flexible facility for vulnerable students to attend and study but in a quiet environment with targeted support.

The Pastoral Team will be aware of all SEND students. Their needs will be taken into consideration when applying our Behaviour Policy (BFL) and adjustments made where appropriate in line with their additional needs.

We have a clear Anti-Bullying Policy which is made clear to all members of the community. Leading from the policy, students have drawn up a “Code of Conduct” to support all students including the more vulnerable. Peer Mentors and Prefects are trained to support vulnerable young people particularly in free time around the Academy site.

The values of respect, equality, tolerance and understanding are taught in PSHE, in assemblies, tutor time and across the curriculum.

Caistor Yarborough Academy has been part of a DfE funded programme, led by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, in partnership with Achievement for All 3As, Contact a Family, and the Council for Disabled Children, aimed specifically at reducing the impact and incidence of bullying on learners with SEND (special education needs and disabilities).

If you’re a parent of a disabled child or a child with special educational needs you can get advice and information about bullying issues via the Contact a Family helpline on 0808 808 3555.

On the ABA website there are free parent information events from time to time about how the SEND reforms will work and how parents can get help and advice. Log onto www.anti-bullyingalliance.co.uk and look under information and advice, Parents and Carers.​

Learning Support Interventions

  Literacy Programmes
·         Lexia – a reading based phonics programme
·         Stile: Dyslexia, Comprehension, Spelling and Grammar/Punctuation
·         Alpha to Omega- phonics programme for spelling and reading                comprehension
·         Play Reading
·         Rapid Plus – a reading comprehension programme
·         Beat Dyslexia
·         Hornet and Word Wasp spelling programmes
·         Literacy Mentors

Numeracy Programmes
·         Handling money
·         Telling the time
·         Stile: developing number bonds, calculations and shape
·         Table Aliens
·         Metric and Fraction Dominoes
·         Maths Snap
·         Maths Watch for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
·         IXL

Voice Activated Software
·         Dragon Speaking

Handwriting/Word Processing Programmes
·         Speed Up
·         Nessy Fingers

Support is available every lunchtime through homework and a board games club.  We also run revision classes after school.  Extra- curricular activities are supported by clubs and out of school visits.

Transition to Secondary School

  • In early March, we make contact with parents of Year 6, to be Year 7, pupils to welcome them;
  • Arrange to visit primary schools to meet pupils;
  • Organise a buddy for each pupil (Buddy programme is explained below);
  • Organise 2 induction days – first in small groups so there is a chance to meet new pupils/friends from other primary schools, alongside being with friends from their current school; second day is a full induction day where all pupils come for a whole day together;
  • Induction days consist of tests; ie. Spelling, Reading and sample lessons. Pupils are introduced to systems of CYA school life, ie, planner, behaviour and reward system, etc;
  • We also hold a Parents Induction Evening, where parents can ask any questions, find out about uniform, bus routes, which House and Tutor Group they belong to and meet teachers etc;
  • The whole programme is designed for pupils to be familiar with the school enough so that they feel confident and comfortable when they arrive full time in September;
  • For students with SEN who need additional support to facilitate the transition to CYA we are able to provide additional visits in consultation with their primary school.

Buddy Programme

Each Year 6 gets assigned a ‘Buddy’ and with this they are given their ‘Buddy’s’ email address and a photograph so they know who they are.
They share a meet and greet when they arrive for smaller Induction Days.
On the Full Induction Day, where all Year  6 pupils come together on the same day, the ‘Buddies’ spend time with them during different subjects.

Grace Talbot, a Year 7 at CYA, who had a ‘Buddy’ to support her in her transition said, “Having a Buddy meant I always had someone I could trust who would show me around. It meant I didn’t have to be scared about moving up because someone would be there to help me settle in and make new friends. I think having a Buddy really helped me to feel comfortable at my new school and it helped me realise that secondary school isn’t as scary as I expected.”

Ella Avison, a Year 7 Buddy at Caistor Yarborough Academy said “What it meant to me to be a Buddy? Being a Buddy is quite meaningful when you think about it because you get to meet the new Year 7’s and help them get used to the school. I wanted to be a Buddy because my Buddy helped me so much that I wanted to help someone as well.”

What our parents say

 ​Parent of child in Year 8:

Our son transferred to Caistor Yarborough Academy at the end of Year 7. Having attended mainstream schools throughout his primary education we thought that he would not cope in a mainstream secondary school and so he began Year 7 in a special school. It became apparent quite quickly that it was not the right setting and so we contacted the SEN department at Caistor Yarborough. From our first meeting we found the staff excellent at listening, all our fears about a mainstream secondary school were allayed and all our concerns were taken on board and handled sensitively and effectively. Our son made a very smooth transition and any small issues were quickly dealt with because the communication between home and school is very good. He is well supported in all lessons, his needs are clearly understood and communicated to all staff working with him and most importantly he is happy and making progress now.​


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