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Drama is a popular subject at Caistor Yarborough Academy due to its practical nature. Students are taught to physically express their thoughts and feelings through the development of characters and stories. They develop confidence, strong communication skills, teamwork skills and negotiation skills. We create a safe and supportive environment in which students develop their social skills, whilst learning a wide variety of Drama skills, styles, genres and techniques. Students explore issues that are relevant to the world in which they live.

They are encouraged to develop their own creativity and offer their ideas with regards to both the performance and technical aspects of a drama production. Drama encourages students to develop essential skills for the future. Learning in Drama is fun, energetic and exciting.

Key Stage 3

Drama at CYA aims to develop students’ personal and social skills enabling them to work as a team and solve problems. 

Students attend drama classes for one hour per week and are not set for this subject. At Key Stage 3, children will begin by exploring all basic drama skills; freeze frame, tableaux, thought-tracking, role play and improvisation. They develop drama skills and techniques and explore character through different drama forms. 


Pupils are marked against the Arts Council assessment criteria and our aim is to ensure that students understand how to improve their own attainment by using them. Drama is taught up until Year 9 at which point students can opt to continue this study into a BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts course. 

​​​​Key Stage 4

BTEC Drama Presentation

Student Aims 

  • learn techniques in acting using a range of styles and genres
  • interpret published play texts for written analysis and performance
  • learn how to structure a range of materials into pieces of devised drama for performance
  • learn about the range of job roles and responsibilities in the performing arts field.

Course Details 

Through drama workshops students will: 

  • develop vocal and movement skills to enable them to show a range of acting techniques, characterisations, and emotions, read a range of play texts from which they will take information to create characters which are original, creative, and believable
    explore a range of issues, themes, and ideas through drama 

The final externally assessed unit includes a developing a devised piece based on an externally given stimulus – all rehearsals and performances will be recorded for assessment purposes. 

Work will be videoed on a regular basis and students are expected to keep a Working Log of all the work and research that are done. 


BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts vocational qualification graded at Level 2: Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*. Level 1: Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction* is for those students who have not achieved the Level 2 criteria. 

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