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Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) is a curriculum designed to deliver both citizenship and personal, social and health education. PSHE enables students to learn more about the world they live in but also supports them with their own development as learners and citizens. It encourages students to see the positive impact they can have both locally and globally.   

Over the course of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, students cover all key elements of the Relationships and Sex Education statutory requirements as well as the necessary strands of Health Education around Healthy Living, Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking.  

The PSHE curriculum is supportive of the student helping them navigate their way through adolescence, ensuring that they are able to make the right choices and know how to access the right advice. Our program is supported by a number of guest speakers who inspire and educate our pupils. 

The PSHE Curriculum also encompasses Careers education to ensure students at Key Stage 3 begin to build their understanding of the world of work and careers from Year 7 onwards 

All of this allows the Academy to fulfil its Curriculum aims of making students Globally, Culturally and Self Aware and Work Ready. 

Key Stage 3 

In Years 7-9, students have a  1 hour PSHE lesson per week.  The Grid below outlines the content of the Key Stage 3 PSHE Curriculum: 

Year Group 

Half Term 1  Half Term 2  Half Term 3  Half Term 4  Half Term 5 Half Term 6 
Year 7  Transition to Secondary School Healthy Living – Diet & Exercise British Values & Democracy Careers & Employability Skills Relationships and Families Enterprise Project
Year 8 Looking After Number 1 – Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol Relationships Community Spirit – Tolerance & Discrimination Careers & Employability Skills Looking After Number 1  Part 2 – Mental Health & Wellbeing Life Skills & First Aid
Year 9  Looking After Number 1 – Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol  Sex & Relationships  Peer Pressure, Gangs – Knife Crime and County Lines  Careers & Employability Skills 


Community Spirit – Racism, Extremism & Homophobia 

Money & Finance 


Key Stage 4  

Students re-visit the themes in the Key Stage 3 grid above throughout Years 10 and 11.  This is done through Form Time, Assemblies and through External Visits and workshops to ensure that key messages and important information is re-capped and students continue to develop their understanding of different people and groups within society and are aware of the issues which exist when they leave school. 

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