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​Religious Education

The aim of Religious Education is to encourage students to become ‘world citizens’ and understand and respect the beliefs of others. Students will develop critical reflection and empathy skills in order to understand the lives of others and recognise the impact that religions and beliefs have in today’s society. 

Within the World Studies Faculty at Caistor Yarborough Academy students study Religious Education at Key Stage 3 for one lesson per week as part of a rotation system which allows 3 Religious Education topics to be taught in each Key Stage 3 year. 

Religious Education is taught by members of staff from within the World Studies Faculty and other enthusiastic staff from across the academy. 

In addition to classroom based learning we also encourage Key Stage 3 students to take part in visits. Previous visits include the Holocaust Memorial Centre and a local church. We are hoping to expand these to allow students to experience places of worship from a greater variety of religions. 

Key Stage 3 

In Years 7-9, students study the concept of Religion and Faith and why they are important to people.  They study aspects of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam as example religions, but look at elements of Sikhism and Judaism as part of wider units.  Students will study key concepts such as beliefs, how people worship, festivals and pilgrimage. Students also study inspirational people and how different figures can influence their views and beliefs. 

Key Stage 4 

Religion and Spirituality at Key Stage 4 is covered through Form Time and Assemblies as well as workshops and events from external providers.  This ensures that students in Years 10 & 11 continue to develop their knowledge of religion and spirituality and the role they play in people’s lives.  The grid below gives an idea of how Key Stage 4 Form Time and Assemblies are used to provide these opportunities: 

Week Commencing   Global/ 

National Days/Weeks/Months 

Y10 Assembly   Y10 PHSE Form Time  Y11 Assembly 


Y11 Form Time   Discovery Day/Visitors/Workshops   
6th -10th September  Rosh Hashanah (6-8 September) 

International Literacy Day (8 September) 

Welcome Back/ 

Expectations & Standards 

International Literacy Day – The importance of being Literate  Welcome Back/ 

Expectations & Standards 

International Literacy Day – The importance of being Literate    
13th-17th September   Jeans for Genes (begins 13 September) 

International Day of Democracy (15 September) 

Jeans for Genes  What is a Democracy?  Why is it important (Linked to Afghanistan)  Post 16 Options Presentation  What is a Democracy?  Why is it important (Linked to Afghanistan)    
20th-24th September  Sukkot (begins 20 September) 

International Day of Peace (21 September) 

European Day of Languages (26 September)  

Yom Kippur (begins 27 September) 

International Day of Peace – the Importance of Peace  Religious Focus – Sukkot & Yom Kippur – What are they and why are they celebrated?  Franklin College Presentation   Religious Focus – Sukkot & Yom Kippur – What are they and why are they celebrated?    
27th September – 1st October  Black History Month (begins 1 October)  Black History Month  Black History Month Activities   Grimsby Institute Presentation   Black Month Activities  Discovery Day – Careers & Employability – Understanding the Local LMI 
4th – 8th October    World Space Week (begins 4 October)  

World Teachers’ Day (5 October)  

Walk to School Day (6 October)  

World Mental Health Day (10 October)  

World Homeless Day (10 October) 

World Homeless Day   Mental Health & Well-being  Riseholme College  Presentation   Mental Health & Well-being    
11th – 15th October   National Braille Week begins (11 October)  

Ada Lovelace Day (12 October)  

World Food Day (16 October) 

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October) 

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty  World Food Day   Lincoln & Virtual College Presentation   World Food Day  Lincs Police – Knife Crime & Hate Crime Workshops  
17th – 22nd October   Anti-Slavery Day (18 October)  

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday (19 October) 

International Stammering Awareness Day (22 October) 

Anti-Slavery Day  Who was the Prophet Muhammad?  HETA Presentation & ASK Apprenticeships –   Who was the Prophet Muhammad?    
8th -12th November   World Science Day (10 November)  

Armistice/        Remembrance Day (11 November) 

World Diabetes Day (14 November) 

Armistice/          Remembrance Day   Armistice/          Remembrance Day  Lincs2 Website & Applications Assembly   Armistice/          Remembrance Day    
15th – 19th November  Road Safety Week (begins 15 November)  

Anti-Bullying Week (begins 15 November) 

Birthday of Guru Nanak Jayanti (19 November) 

World Children’s Day (20 November) 

Anti-Bullying Week   Guru Nanak – The Founder of Sikhism   Anti-Bullying Week  College Applications – Completing Successful Applications     
22nd – 25th November  Disability History Month (begins 22 November) 

Hanukkah (begins 28 November)   

Disability History Month  Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights   Disability History Month  Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights    
29th November – 3rd December  St Andrew’s Day (30 November)   

Advent (begins 1 December)  

World AIDS Day (1 December) 

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (2 December)  

International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December) 

World Aids Day   International Day for The Abolition of Slavery (Historical)  World Aids Day  International Day for The Abolition of Slavery (Historical)    
6th – 10th December  Human Rights Day (10 December)  Human Rights Day  County Lines Re-cap   Human Rights Day  Launch of Start Profile Careers Website     
13th – 17th December   Jane Austen’s birthday (16 December)  The Meaning of Christmas     The Meaning of Christmas      

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