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History at Caistor Yarborough Academy is more than a journey through time. We challenge students to develop their thinking skills and engage in active learning. The syllabus is designed not only to promote students’ enjoyment of History but also to allow them to build up the skills they need to be successful at GCSE. Not only does History at Caistor Yarborough Academy allow students to understand the past, but it engages them with the present, in order to encourage them to develop their opinions and articulate them effectively.

Key Stage 3


​A wide range of topics are covered enabling students to develop historical knowledge and skills and understand the world they live in.

• Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans

• The Norman conquest

• Medieval castles

• Everyday life in Medieval England

• The Wars of the Roses

• The life of Henry VIII and his legacy

• The Elizabethan – Golden age

• The Gun Powder plot

• The Civil War

• The Native American Indians

• The British Empire

• The Slave Trade

• The First World War

• The Second World War

• The Holocaust and genocide ​

​Key Stage 4

GCSE History Presentation

GCSE History follows the Edexcel 9-1 course. Units are:

  • Medicine through time
  • Elizabethan England
  • Weimar republic and Nazi Germany 1918-1938
  • American West.
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