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Art & Design

In Art and Design students are taken through this multi-faceted subject by means of developing a broad range of expertise. We endeavour to create a balanced curriculum that promotes both practical skills and an ability to contextually link students’ projects with the styles and techniques of artists, designers, and crafts people. 

There are many opportunities for students to experiment with a variety of media. Through this comprehensive approach students can find ways and means of both enjoying what they are doing while also producing quality art work. 

In Year 7 the first term is spent completing a project on the era of Henry Matisse’s work known as ‘Jazz’. In this unit of work students are asked to create their own book of ‘Jazz,’ like Matisse did in the 1940s using cut out shapes. The second unit; faces, looks at the work of Picasso, and the three different stages of Cubism in which he created artwork. With our own kiln we are also able to offer students the opportunity to work in clay. 

Key Stage 4 work is based on William Morris and then William Turner. Students are encouraged to look at the form and texture of the objects and transcribe this into their artwork for both projects. 


​​In Key Stage 3 students are guided through a series of topics. The way in which this is done is through project-based activities that focus on a particular theme or skill. Each project is also structured to ensure that students develop a good understanding of contextual studies and the way in which art is influenced by different movements, styles, and genres.  


GCSE Art and Design Presentation

In Key Stage 4 students’ study the AQA Unendorsed Full Course. This has two Units; Unit 1 comprising of a portfolio of work made up from a minimum of two projects and the second, Unit 2, a final externally set examination. 

Over the period of two years students are expected to develop their making skills by using and experimenting with a broad range of media. It is important that students hone their art making skills by setting aside appropriate time to practice different techniques and devices that will enhance the quality of their work. 

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