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In English, students study a wide range of texts from a variety of genres, including prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction from the past and present. Students are encouraged to develop their critical responses and an appreciation of the texts they study.  

They also learn about the construction and use of English, improving their own skill with language through varied and interesting creative and practical written tasks.  

We believe that a love of reading is fundamental to students’ success and enjoyment of the whole curriculum; as such, we support and encourage reading for pleasure for all students in the academy.  

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students are introduced to a variety of reading material, both modern and pre-twentieth century. Discussion and other collaborative work is used to help students develop their opinions and understanding of the ways meaning is created, often using literature to provide a context for the teaching of language and written communication.  

​​​​Key Stage 4

GCSE English Presentation

In Key Stage 4, students’ study for two GCSEs in English Language and English Literature. This involves the study of a range of novels, plays and poetry, along with non-fiction texts. Students are guided to develop their speaking and listening and written skills in a variety of forms. 

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