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Health & Social Care

OCR Cambridge Nationals Health & Social Care Level 1/2  

This course offers an effective introduction to the health and social care sector, this qualification looks at the role the sector plays in the health, well-being and care of individuals across all age ranges.  

It also introduces students to the specialist knowledge and skills needed to work in various care settings. 

Underpinning the qualification is a focus on core values and communicating with individuals to maintain their dignity and sense of being valued. The qualification design, including the range of units available, allows students the freedom to explore the things that interest them as well as providing a good opportunity to enhance their learning in a range of curriculum areas. Students also develop transferable skills. 

The course consists of 3 coursework-based units and 1 examined unit, and therefore is suited to individuals that prefer to focus on one aspect at a time.  

The unit content is described below: 

Unit R021 – Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings Understand how to support individuals to maintain their rights; Understand the importance of the values of care and how they are applied. 

Unit R022 – Communicating and working with individuals in Health, Social Care, and early years settings. Understand how to communicate effectively; Understand the personal qualities that contribute care; Be able to communicate effectively within a health, social care and early years setting; Understand the personal qualities that contribute to care. 

Unit R023 – Understanding body systems and disorders; Know how body systems work; Understand disorders that affect body systems; Be able to interpret data obtained from measuring body rates with reference to the functioning of healthy body systems. 

Unit R031 –  Using basic first aid procedures; Be able to assess scenes of accidents to identify risks and continuing dangers; Understand the first aid procedures for a range of injuries; Be able to apply basic first aid procedures. 


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