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​​​Beyond The Classroom

Learning outside the classroom can really engage pupils and it also helps to make the learning more relevant. Trips can support pupil creativity and expose them to new experiences that they may not have had.

At Caistor Yarborough Academy we offer a wide range of trips that support and enhance pupils learning. Previous trips that have taken place include: High Adventure, Holderness, Castleton, year 7 activity evening, year 8 construction day, Math’s​​ team competitions, a year 11 revision day and a ski trip to Santa Caterina. ​

Year 7 Clubs

At Caistor Yarborough Academy we try and make learning as fun and engaging as possible. Lunch clubs are a great way for pupils to explore new interests and make friends. ​​


Being confident with the skills and knowledge used in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects gives students an advantage as they move through their secondary education and into further study and work. Nationally there is a shortage of people studying STEM subjects at a higher level and choosing to work in these fields. To help students understand the opportunities available to them and help them develop the necessary skills, eg. problem solving, working in a team, independence, perseverance and creativity, a variety of activities and visits take place throughout the year.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in the UKMT Junior/Intermediate Maths Challenges (as appropriate to their age) which are held in school. Students regularly achieve well in these, receiving Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates. Additionally, to challenge the more able students teams are entered in both the UKMT Team Maths Challenge (Years 8 and 9) and the FMSP Maths Feast (Year 10) which are competitions held at other schools that enable students to experience more demanding problem solving as a team in a relaxed yet competitive environment.

To extend students’ understanding of career opportunities available to them a group of Year 10s attend the Sir Isaac Newton lecture each year which is held at RAF Cranwell. This is organised jointly by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The speakers are experts in their field who are excellent at exciting and inspiring young people; previous lectures have covered areas such as the European Space Agency ExoMars rover vehicle project and smart building materials.

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