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KS3 & KS4 

  • Guided Reading is differentiated for each year against reading ages and Accelerated Reader data. 
  • Reading ages are checked three times a year using the Accelerated Reader programme are used to support individuals’ reading progress.  
  • All tutor groupread a book together in tutor time developing our reading community and our students’ understanding of the world around them.  Novels are chosen from a broad range of genres and cultures; widening our students’ cultural understanding.   
  • Our Ambitious Vocabulary strategy aims to explicitly teach students the meanings and spellings of tier two words that they are likely to come across in a wide range of subjects.  
  • Further to this our Word of the Week programme embeds tier two words from the Ambitious Vocabulary strategy into our school’s everyday discussions.  
  • Our poetry recitals run every term with poems chosen from a wide range of cultures.  
  • All KS3 pupils have a literacy lesson in the library once a week, emphasising reading for pleasure, as part of the English curriculum.   
  • Lexia is used to support students to become fluent readers.  
  • We also invest in two online libraries, myON and Eplatform, to give free access to thousands of books for all students.  


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