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Memorial Garden

On Saturday 15th May, a small team of ex-students, parents and staff finally completed a project on creating a memorial garden for a student of the academy who tragically passed away in May 2019.  Kiayl Naylor-Carratt attended the Academy from Year 8 until Year 10.  Kiayl’s parents, along with his ex-classmates spent the day designing a space which reflected Kiayl’s interests, mainly around the RAF and its history.  The RAF emblem has been created using coloured gravel and is complimented by a hand-made potter in the style of an RAF Spitfire, which has been designed and built by Kiayl’s father, Tony.  Students have donated plants and hand-made pots and a wide variety of shrubs and plants were donated by Willow Vale Nursery on North Kelsey Road.

Kiayl’s parents and his grandparents were overjoyed with the finished result – a testimony to hard work and team work.  They expressed their thanks to all those involved in creating a space which not only acts as a memorial to their son, but also is a space to remind students of the importance of talking and seeking support when they need it.  In the long term, the hope is that the wider area will become a focal point around the importance of supporting Mental Health and Emotional Well-being.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this project and I look forward to working actively to see the area develop over the coming months.

Mr Curtis

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