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Ole Ole Visit

On Wednesday, 24th November a group of Year 10 and 11 GCSE Spanish students along with Señorita Snowden and Señora Betts enjoyed a delicious tapas meal at Olé Olé in Lincoln.

The aim of the visit was to broaden the students’ cultural awareness of Spanish food which complements our GCSE Spanish course. The experience will be used as a topic of conversation in the GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam and as inspiration for an assessed piece of writing. Spanish food and culture as well as free time activities are key GCSE topic areas.

The top 3 tapas as voted by the students were:

1 Patatas Bravas – Diced fried potatoes in a chilli and tomato sauce.

2 Chorizo al Vino – Traditional Spanish sausage cooked in white wine.

3 Paella Mixta – Paella with chicken and seafood.

The mussels in the paella did prove to be a challenge for certain students, you would have thought it was a bushtucker trial rather than a culinary treat!

There was one clear winner for dessert:

Churros con chocolate – Crispy deep fried dough dipped in sugar, served with a warm chocolate sauce, ídelicioso!

A great evening was had by all, íOlé!

NB Olé = Hooray!


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