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Students choose their options in Y9 ready to start Key Stage 4 courses in Y10.

Please find below the options booklet and application form

Y9 Options Information Booklet 2022

Options Application Form 2022

Choosing options is the start of you and your child making one of the most important decisions since starting at Caistor Yarborough Academy. 

The purpose of the options booklet is to provide an outline of the entire Key Stage 4 Curriculum along with information to help with the making of choices. 

This is also a great opportunity for students to select and design part of their timetable for their final two years at CYA. 

That means studying subjects that they enjoy.  They do not have complete freedom to choose subjects.  Some are compulsory, and some have an element of choice, but there is sufficient choice available to personalise the curriculum to suit their strengths, aspirations and interests. 

We are very proud of the range of choices and have designed the curriculum to provide a broad and balanced education, so giving the best life chances. 

All students will receive advice and support to make the right choices.  All students should work closely with their tutor. 

Please see below the subject Powerpoints for each department. Each Powerpoint details relevant information for each subject.

Art Powerpoint

Business Powerpoint

English Powerpoint

Geography Powerpoint

Graphics Powerpoint

Health and Social Powerpoint

History Powerpoint

Mathematics Powerpoint

Performing arts Powerpoint

Science Powerpoint

Spanish Powerpoint

Sports Powerpoint

Students should make careful decisions and listen closely to the advice of teachers and parents. Once students have made their decisions, they must complete the online form. 

The following website is a great tool to show students the best way of getting started and planning their next steps: 

https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/ #  

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