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Attendance is an essential component to a student’s academic success. Often, the number of days that students are absent accumulate without parents realising how many days have been missed.

At Caistor Yarborough Academy our students’ attendance is consistently above the national average. Students are rewarded for good attendance through different reward schemes and celebration assemblies. We update Parents/Carers every term with information on their child’s attendance and provide support to any student and their family if attendance starts to fall.

 Attendance Officer – Mrs Helen Briggs

Legal Responsibilities/Government Guidelines

As a Parent/Carer you have a legal duty to ensure your child receives full-time education. You are responsible for ensuring they attend school regularly and punctually.

If your child does not attend school regularly, they will not be able to keep up with school work. Research suggests that that just 17 days missed from school equates the drop of one GCSE grade (Source DFE).

Every student’s attendance is closely monitored and the Attendance Pyramid below shows the actions taken at certain levels.

In September 2015 the government changed their guidelines around school attendance. They state that if a student’s attendance falls below 90% they will be classed as a persistent absentee. All it takes is for one day’s absence, every 2 weeks, to fall into this category.

If attendance falls below 90% this will lead to investigations by the Academy and Attendance Panel Meetings being held, where targets will be set and support strategies will be put in place. Should attendance not improve after these measures have been taken, you could be subject to the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice, a fine of up to £2,500 and/or sentenced to up to three months imprisonment.

To view the Academy Attendance Policy click HERE

Reporting Absences

It is important your child arrives in good time. Students should arrive at the Academy in correct uniform equipped for the day by 8.50am. The first bell will ring at 8.57am and the students will then have 3 minutes to arrive at their tutor room for registration. Students will receive a late mark if they arrive after the register has closed.

If your child is going to be absent from the Academy, you must telephone the Academy on 01472 851383 (an answer phone is available) on the first and every day of your child’s absence before 9am, explaining the reasons why.

Failure to notify the Academy of your child’s absence will result in a telephone call home or text to ensure that the reason for the absence is known as soon as possible and alert you if your child is not in the Academy. This will provide an early warning system should your child go missing from the Academy. Your child’s safety is our main concern.

It is the Academy’s decision whether to authorise any absence. Please make all medical appointments outside of Academy hours where possible. If this is not possible then please provide the Attendance Officer with one of the following:

· A written note or a note in the student’s planner

· A copy of the appointment card/letter

· An email directly to the Attendance Officer.

Click HERE for the holiday request/medical appointment forms.

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