Welcome to Caistor Yarborough Academy

Prospective Parents​​​

Information about our Open Day events will be published on our main news feed nearer the time they take place.

​Academy Visits

Parents are welcome to visit Caistor Yarborough Academy​ at any time but should telephone to make an appointment so we can ensure that the most appropriate person is available to assist with any queries.


​Admis​sions are made through the Lincolnshire Education Department and our planned admission number for ea​​ch year is 116 students.

Apply HERE


The transition process: From Year 6 to Year 7

The transition process can be a very scary time for Year 6, especially if you are the only person coming from your primary school. At Caistor Yarborough Academy, we do our very best to make it as smooth and exciting as possible, so that when you join us in September, most (if not all) of your worries have been eliminated. As soon as you are offered a place, we will send you a welcome letter with an Academy pencil case containing the basic equipment you will need. We hope that you will add to it and use it when you join us. Before your induction day, which take place in July, you will have a visit from a member of staff from Caistor Yarborough Academy to tell you a bit about what to expect and hopefully reassure you. You will also be assigned a buddy, who you will be able to contact by email with any questions and who will be with you when you come for your induction day. They were in the same position as you last year, so they know exactly how you are feeling and how to help. You will join us for an induction day, where you will meet the whole new Year 7, so you will have the chance to get to know lots of new people before you start in September. Finally, please do not worry: but embrace the new challenges ahead!​

More information can be found here: CYA Y6 Transition Prospectus

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