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To support our students in being culturally aware, globally aware, self-aware and work ready, we ensure that we look after the ‘whole’ child.  We have a strong pastoral ethos within the academy so that our students feel that they have the support needed to progress both academically and emotionally in our community.


Our pastoral team consists of 5 Progress Leads, one per year group.

Year 7 – Mrs Tindall

Year 8 – Mrs Lynskey

Year 9 – Mr Coulson

Year 10 – Mrs Brown

Year 11 – Mrs Edlin

The role of a form tutor is to ensure that your child is learning ready, they are the first point of contact for your child. The Progress Lead will facilitate in this and offer further support if required.

Each year group follows a form plan that enables students to have regular contact with their tutor as well as develop key skills in literacy, numeracy and to be aware of local and global issues and ensure that key dates and events are celebrated, understood and reflected upon.

Form Time Plan

MondayPersonal DevelopmentPersonal Development Personal Development PSHEAssembly
TuesdayNumeracy Ninja Numeracy Ninja Numeracy NinjaAssemblyNumeracy
WednesdaySpellings/Guided Reading Spellings/Guided Reading Assembly Spellings/Guided Reading Spellings/Guided Reading
Thursday PSHE Assembly Spellings/Guided Reading PSHEPSHE
Friday Assembly PSHEPSHEScienceScience


This is to follow on from assembly theme or through Newsround and discuss current affairs.

Personal Development

KS3 students may need more support in embedding routines or developing as a team-ideas for this time are to share responsibilities, such as students checking equipment, signing planners, grouped activities or watching and then discussing Newsround.

House System

There are 3 houses in our Academy and within each
year group they are divided between the 3 houses depending on their form group.
We treat all our students as individuals and we go to great lengths to support
their personal and academic needs. All our students in Years 7 to 11 are
expected to wear their Academy uniform with pride, each house has its own
colour and this is depicted on their tie so each student can easily identify
others in their house.

The Houses are supported by 3 Progress Leads and 3 Faculty Leads who work at celebrating and encouraging the successes of each individual student.

Parental partnership is of vital importance; we seek committed parents who are prepared to be fully supportive of the Academy ethos. Regular communication on progress using quantitative data is a strong feature and a key opportunity for you as parents to support your child’s journey at Caistor Yarborough Academy. As well as the academic progress, each class teacher will also share with you their attitude to learning which is an insight to how they are accessing their education. This is then celebrated through our rewards system by celebrating all students who have an attitude to learning average of 2 or better and good attendance.

We treat all our students as individuals and we go to great lengths to support their personal and academic needs, this is celebrated both individually but also as a house. Each student can earn points for their house through such things as attendance, work in lessons, supporting the academy community in events such as Open Evenings, but also in out of school activities such as participating in sporting or musical competitions.  In turn this will develop culturally, globally and self-aware young people that are ready for life beyond Caistor Yarborough Academy. In return we expect our student to demonstrate respect for the Academy, each other and for all members of staff.

Although pastoral support is focussed through Form Tutors and Progress Leads, all members of staff provide effective care and support and any member of staff can be approached for help and support by any
student who has worries or concerns.

We see every member of the Academy community as part our ‘family’ and we work very hard to ensure that every member is happy, secure and able to achieve their full potential.

Points are awarded for:

  • Attendance – 100% per week = 1 point
  • Positives
  • Participation in sports events at school
  • Sports day participation
  • Literacy competitions
  • Numeracy ninja improvement
  • Word of the week
  • Helping at school events


We take great pride in celebrating the successes of our students. We feel it should be done frequently but should also be meaningful. We commend our students in many different ways. The pyramid below shows how we celebrate our students and some of the ways they may be awarded positive points.

To support a student in making the right decisions we also have a very clear path for them in lessons if they are not choosing to behave appropriately in a way that can affect their learning and the learning of others. We believe in a restorative approach and enabling our students to address their behaviour and start afresh ready for the next lesson.

If a student persistently makes the wrong decisions in the academy, we have a clear route that is designed to support the student to get back on the right path.

This is a triangulation of the student, the academy and the parent/carer so that we all work collaboratively for a positive result.

Each report will have 3 SMART targets that are chosen with the
student that they must work towards in order to succeed, if after 2 weeks the
targets have not been met then the student will move up to the next stage.

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