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By studying science, students will learn about the world around them. Science lessons provide students with plenty of opportunity for discussion, questioning and the development of practical and mathematical skills. Students will study living organisms through biology, learning how plants and animals are interdependent on each other. Chemistry involves investigating all the substances which make up the world and how they may change through chemical reactions. Physics involves describing forces and energy, experimenting with electric circuits and measuring the movement of objects. 

Key Stage 3
All aspects of science are introduced and developed throughout Key Stage 3. We follow the Pearson Edexcel Exploring Science scheme of work which aims to prepare pupils for the Key Stage 4 course they will follow. A range of practical skills are learned so that students can do their own investigations, discovering how science helps everyone understand the world around them. 

Key Stage 4


We follow the Pearson Edexcel GCSE specification at Key Stage 4. Students can choose to study either Combined Science or Separate Sciences.
Combined Science is two GCSE grades and incorporates biology, chemistry and physics. It is examined at the end of Year 11 by students sitting six exams (two biology, two chemistry and two physics) of 1 hour 10 mins each.
The separate science route leads to three separate GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics. Each subject is examined at the end of Year 11 by pupils sitting two exams of 1 hour 45 mins.
Each exam is available at Foundation tier (grades 1-5) or Higher tier (grades 4-9).
All courses are designed to allow students to progress through the GCSEs at a pace suitable to their abilities. Individual and group practical work forms a central part of all courses to help foster a spirit of enquiry and involvement in the learning process. Students’ practical skills are then assessed at the end of the course as part of the written exams. 

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