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Transition Process 

The transition between primary school and secondary school can be daunting for young people and their parents. At Caistor Yarborough Academy we do all that we can to make this process smooth by getting to know each student as well as possible during the months before term begins in September. From the student’s first visit to their induction day in July we stay in touch and can help with any issues, questions or worries that the child or parent has. We visit the young people in their primary school and speak to their teachers, we look at their work and really get a picture of what we can do to make the students feel that moving on to secondary school is part of a continuation of their education rather than a completely new set of experiences and challenges. 

Tutor Grouping 

Students are placed in a tutor group of around 28 students when they join in Year 7 in one of our 3 houses; Jennings, Tennyson and Newton. Each student will wear a tie which proudly displays their house colour. 

The Form Tutor takes responsibility for their students and is the first port of call between home and school; they are the person that will make the initial contact with students on a daily basis, and set the standard for the day ahead. In partnership with parents, they will aim to ensure all students are fully prepared to learn and progress within the Academy. 

  • In March, we make contact with parents of Year 6, to be Year 7, pupils to welcome them; 
  • Arrange to visit primary schools to meet pupils; 
  • Organise a buddy for each pupil (Buddy programme is explained below); 
  • Organise induction day – is a full day where all pupils come for a day together; 
  • Induction days consist of tests; ie. Spelling, Reading and sample lessons. Pupils are introduced to systems of CYA school life, ie, planner, behaviour and reward system, etc; 
  • We also hold a Parents Induction Evening, where parents can ask any questions, find out about uniform, bus routes, which House and Tutor Group they belong to and meet teachers etc; 
  • The whole programme is designed for pupils to be familiar with the school enough so that they feel confident and comfortable when they arrive full time in September; 
  • For students with SEN who need additional support to facilitate the transition to CYA we are able to provide additional visits in consultation with their primary school. 

Buddy Programme  

Each Year 6 gets assigned a ‘Buddy’ and with this they are given their ‘Buddy’s’ email address and a photograph so they know who they are.
They share a meet and greet when they arrive for smaller Induction Days.
On the Full Induction Day, where all Year  6 pupils come together on the same day, the ‘Buddies’ spend time with them during different subjects. 

Grace Talbot, a Year 7 at CYA, who had a ‘Buddy’ to support her in her transition said, “Having a Buddy meant I always had someone I could trust who would show me around. It meant I didn’t have to be scared about moving up because someone would be there to help me settle in and make new friends. I think having a Buddy really helped me to feel comfortable at my new school and it helped me realise that secondary school isn’t as scary as I expected.” 

Ella Avison, a Year 7 Buddy at Caistor Yarborough Academy said “What it meant to me to be a Buddy? Being a Buddy is quite meaningful when you think about it because you get to meet the new Year 7’s and help them get used to the school. I wanted to be a Buddy because my Buddy helped me so much that I wanted to help someone as well.” 

What our parents say  

Parents of child in Year 7: 

“From the beginning of Jacks journey at Caistor Yarborough school, from taster days to opening evenings he was so ready and excited to start. All the staff and pupils made him feel so comfortable which made his fears go and put our minds at rest, and even though year 7s haven’t really had the full experience of secondary school we feel as parents that he has settled really well, and the teachers have done everything possible to help this happen throughout the school and online learning. Jack especially enjoys the sports, maths and science and is looking forward to his years to come. Thank you to you all Mr and Mrs Simpson” 

Parents of child in Year 7: 

“As parents we viewed several schools which weren’t the right fit. Within minutes of our tour of Caistor Yarborough we knew we had found the right school for our daughter. The school staff had a noticeably friendly rapport and the school had a much smaller intake of children and therefore had a real family feel. 

 Tilly’s transition from primary to secondary was flawless despite Covid restrictions. School adapted and contacted Tilly by telephone and she was also able to have video chats with her head of year, as well as receiving letters and a welcome gifts in the post. 

Tilly has had a wonderful start to secondary school education. Her needs are met above and beyond our expectations and staff are quick to implement  any changes necessary. Tilly made friends in her first week at school and she looks forward to seeing them everyday in lesson. Academically Tilly has come on leaps and bounds as her confidence grows and she is fully supported by staff. 

With the ongoing and consistent support from school Tilly continues to go from strength to strength and we are extremely pleased we chose Caistor Yarborough to educate and look after our daughter.” 

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